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Robert's Story

We believe that each one of the triad of home, school, and community plays an important role in fostering a child’s cognitive, emotional, and social development. This is true for all children, be the child deaf or non-deaf.

Community-wise, WSD is situated in Delavan, a "deaf-friendly" town with long and deep historical ties with WSD. The town residents are intimately aware of the deaf heritage in the town and they interact with their deaf neighbors warmly and comfortably. We can see WSD in many aspects of the town - its church communities, recreational programs and commercial projects. It is a truly inclusive community; we are so grateful for our son to be experiencing such a cohesive community.

WSD itself is more than a school. It is a place of resource and support where a child, regardless of their placement in the continuum, is expected to grow academically and to become an active, contributing citizen of their community.

WSD is also a place where parents are valued as important stakeholders and encouraged to take an active role in the school. We are always welcome to serve - and we actually did - as volunteers in the school events such as the annual Children’s Book Week, school-wide plays, and Scholastic Book Fairs. We enjoy being a part of the school in that way.