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Transition Services

The Wisconsin School for the Deaf transition team consists of numerous staff members including the Guidance Counselor, Work Study Coordinator, IEP Coordinator, administrators, and teachers who teach transition related classes. We are committed to creating and continually updating our transition curriculum which not only addresses the specific needs of deaf/hard of hearing children, but also incorporates parents, families, and the communities we serve.

We are the only program in the state of Wisconsin that offers a comprehensive transition program specifically designed for deaf and hard of hearing youth!

A Bilingual-Bicultural school, WSD offers our students 24/7 inferential social learning, and direct instruction of skills that are critical in a youth's progression through school. Students learn and acquire socially appropriate skills through 24/7 access to communication. They learn how to communicate with peers and adults appropriately. In this environment, language gaps are lessened and this allows our students the opportunity to gain other skills they need to face the future as a deaf or hard of hearing adult.

We give transition assessments to all students in 8th grade through high school. We integrate all transition needs and activities from these assessments into our general and specialized educational classes.

Transition classes include:

  • 8th Grade Transition
  • Simulated Budgeting
  • Social Skills
  • Employment Skills
  • Future’s Planning Classes for all Junior and Seniors
  • Home Improvement
  • Technology Classes
  • Computer Classes
  • Home Economics
  • Marriage and Family
  • Dorm Life


Student Transition and Employability (S.T.E.P.) Program

We also offer a one year transition program for those deaf and hard of hearing graduating seniors who may not have gotten all the transition services in their home school district during their 4 high school years. This program is designed for those students who are 18-21 who are not quite ready for life after high school on their own. Students in these classes take Life Skills Reading, Writing, Math, Employment Skills, Future’s Planning and Work Study classes. Their afternoons typically involve working at a job to gain the work skills they will need to be a successful employee.

After school activities include numerous social and academic clubs and WIAA athletics (unless they are 19 years old by August 1st). Additionally, students who reside in the dorm gain the home living skills they need to live in their home communities on their own. The dorm offers them a structured independence that they and you will appreciate.

Please contact us for more information!