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Director Selection Process FAQ

What role will this person play?

This position is for the WESP-DHH Director, who oversees both the Wisconsin School for the Deaf and the Statewide Outreach Program.


Will the new person support the bilingual-bicultural philosophy of WSD?

DPI is committed to hiring an individual that supports WSD as a school that provides English and ASL as an educational and learning tool, as well as a way for our students and staff to communicate in the classroom and with each other. This person will also continue to support the Statewide Outreach Program in all of their endeavors, the same way it always has been supported.


What about the Long Range Plan?

The Long Range Plan is a working document that will be ever-changing. It has been developed and will be managed by the entire WESP-DHH Administrative team. The WESP-DHH Director is a member of that team, and WESP-DHH is committed to continuing to improve our services using this Long Range Plan as a guide for our future.


When do you expect interviews to be?

We hope to be able to start the selection process by mid May. However, the exact dates depend on several factors, including the availability of our interview teams and of the applicants.


What if they hire someone that is hearing?

The top priority of DPI and WESP-DHH in this process is to choose a leader that is knowledgeable about all aspects of the deaf and hard of hearing field, someone who is able to work with diverse groups, and above all, who will support WSD and the Statewide Outreach Program in every way. We assure you that although there IS a possibility of that person being hearing, you can be certain that the individual chosen will be the most qualified option for our program.


What if, after hiring the new Director, they are found unsatisfactory?

The person selected as the WESP-DHH Director will have a 2 year probationary period, where they will be evaluated on their performance. If their performance is found unsatisfactory, there are measures in place to offer mentorship, feedback, or to impose corrective action if necessary.


How will DPI keep us informed?

In compliance with the law, and to keep the confidentiality of the applicants, DPI will not disclose the names of the individuals who have applied or are certified for the first round of the interview phase of the recruitment process. Candidates will be shared with WESP-DHH administration and with the Deaf community/Alumni/Parent group. The candidate chosen by those three rounds of the process will be shared with the public.

The PROGRESS of the selection process WILL be shared with the public, via video that will be posted on the main page of this site, Outreach Facebook page (, and WSD Facebook page ( Be sure to check these websites for updates.


How can the Deaf community show their presence?

DPI welcomes organized, constructive, and positive ways in which to voice your opinions. The Wisconsin School for the Deaf Parent-Staff Association is an outlet for parents to voice their concerns about the process. The Wisconsin School for the Deaf Alumni Association provides Alumni with the same support, and the Wisconsin School for the Deaf Foundation provides support for community members. Consulting with these and other organizations for the Deaf is the best option for channeling your feedback, as they have direct communication with WESP and DPI administration.


Who can I contact if I have questions/concerns?

We encourage you to contact organizations for the deaf outlined above for any concerns you may have. For other reasons of contact, please email

The Wisconsin Educational Services Program for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing and Outreach Services for the Deaf, Hard of Hearing, and Deafblind are part of the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction, Division for Learning Support.